Sally Sparidaans

BHSc Nutritional Medicine

Sally Sparidaans

Vitality | Performance | Confidence

Are you?

  • Wanting to find that extra spark in your artistry or chosen sport
  • Hungry to know how a personalised diet improves wellbeing and performance
  • Confused about which diet will work for you
  • Stressed thinking about food or your weight
  • Unsure how to manage hormonal changes with nutrition
  • Loosing your passion for your chosen art or sport due to dietary issues
  • Overwhelmed by the information available

What if you could...

  • Feel energised throughout the day
  • Understand how to fuel your body to prevent injuries
  • Have a sharp and focused mind throughout the day
  • Let go of dieting and enjoy food without guilt
  • Fall back in love with your body
  • Feel confident in your own skin
  • Stop obsessing over food so you can use your energy enjoy life!

Kind words from Clients

Kind words

Kind words

Kind words

The Nourished Athlete Wheel

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How you fuel your body is just as essential as developing your technique as a dancer. Nutrition impacts every aspect of your being and allows you to perform at your best as an artist. The right nutrition for your body will not only provide you with sustained energy, clarity of mind, strength and mobility, but will also enhance mood and optimise your immune system. The Nourished Dancer - Student Edition has been developed as a 4-week course to provide dancers vital nutritional skills provided in a flexible and time efficient manner that is practical for busy schedules.

Working with me

  • Initial Consultation (45 minutes) - This is where we delve into where you are at, and where you would like to be and may include anything from a health concern impacting your ability to perform, to a specific event nutrition plan. During this consultation, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current state of health, diet and exercise schedule, and the requirements for any functional and pathology testing. You will receive an initial plan with dietary recommendations and supplement prescription where appropriate.
  • Follow up consultations (30 minutes) – These sessions are designed to review initial recommendations, pathology and/or functional medicine testing. Your plan is further developed towards your goals, including specific nutrition timing and fine tuning your diet towards your goals.
  • Online Check ins additional to your consultations via feedback form – Its important that this is a partnership, I am here to support you.
  • Dietary recipes specific for your plan.
  • What is Nutritional Medicine?

    Think of a famous ballet, or your favourite Broadway show - One person does not make the show a success do they?

    The success of a show involves dancers, choreographers, directors, musicians, conductors, lighting technicians, hair and make up, dressmakers, props assistants, backstage helpers and many more people all doing their job and working together to pull off an amazing, seamless show. If any of these members are missing, unwell, or not performing at their best, then the show will not meet its full potential!

    This is how I like to think of our bodies.

    Our bodies are not made of individual parts doing their own thing. Each part of the body is influenced, and affected by another. Only when all of these components are working well is a person truly well and able to reach their potential.

    Nutritional Medicine involves treating the whole person. This includes all aspects of their being including their environment, sleep quality, stress levels, mental and emotional wellbeing, and of course their dietary requirements and habits. It is amazing how all these components are closely intertwined and how dietary changes may have a large impact on the quality of life. Everyone is unique, otherwise we would all look and feel the same! This means that everyone’s nutritional requirements are unique too.

    I am passionate about guiding active people of all ages and stages through their requirements for their chosen art or sport.

    Recipes and Resources

    It wouldn't be a nutrition website without some recipes...

    Below are some recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. A well balanced nutrition plan can be simple, convenient, and easy to follow. Eating should be an enjoyable experience that you can look forward to during the day. A diet that works for you is one that brings you joy!

    Banana Yogurt Split

    Apricot Coconut Energy Balls

    Sweet Potato & Spinach Frittata

    I was raised in Perth and danced from a young age, I cannot imagine growing up without the opportunity to dance! The life skills I learnt through dancing have helped me in all aspects of my life including discipline, team work, perseverance and dedication.

    As a teenager, I lacked the nutrition education i needed to understand how to fuel my body as a person and to dance at my best. I was led to believe that my appearance was more important that my health which lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and my body. I developed an interest in nutritional medicine after suffering debilitating anxiety and panic attacks as a teenager. Adapting my nutrition played a large role in overcoming this period of my life, as well as a period of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As an adult, I have explored triathlon, running, crossfit and continue to enjoy the occasional dance class. Since completing a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine, I am able to blend my loves of dance, sport and nutrition together to provide a specialized service.


    Do I have to be an athlete or dancer?
    Not at all! Nutrition is all about the individual. Nutrition is all about the individual - your requirements will be unique to you and your lifestyle.
    Can I claim with my health fund?
    I am registered to enable you to claim with your health fund, however this will depend on your level of cover - it is best to contact your health fund directly.
    Am I available for workshops and visits to studios?
    Absolutley - contact me directly and I will customise a workshop that is suitable for your students.
    What age groups do I work with?
    There are no age limits. Nutritional needs are different depending on your age and stage, and therefore you need to be aware that what works for you now, may be different in the future!
    Do you work with males and females?
    Of course!
    Is there testing involved?
    Testing is an amazing tool that we can use. It is always optional, however recommended to gain a really good picture of your current health status. While we gather a lot of information from signs and symptoms, testing can really help to identify underlying issues and causes.
    Am I the right for for you?
    It is important that you find someone you are comfortable working with. I hold a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, certificates in Comprehensive Diagnostics of blood results and Inside Out's Essential Clinicians Training in Eating Disorders. Please reach out if you would like to have a chat and find out if I am right for you. If your goals or concerns Fall outside my scope, or I feel there is someone who will be able to offer you a service more suited to your needs, I will offer a referal.
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